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At Kingmen Group, we believe food is not just fuel to your body. It brings joy to life, it represents one’s culture, and most importantly it brings people together.


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We are a family-owned and operated restaurant group.


Our restaurants serve a diverse array of cuisine that deliver traditional dishes with a modern twist.


Each of our restaurants has an ambient setting furnished with natural décor. As soon as our diners step foot inside our doors they are immediately transported to another culture, place, and time.

We believe one should feast every meal like a King.

We put a level of seriousness into what we do.

We focus on the quality of our dishes, plating, and environment
. Each of our restaurants are at a King approved standard that our diners can enjoy and experience.


We would not have it any other way.


Most importantly, we always like to have a little fun along the way whether it is in our dishes or who we are as a brand.

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